• “Don’t Fret”

    Step one: Take the pic

    Step two: steam the wrinkles

    Step three: it’s too dark for a smooth-legged pic

    Step four: post the pic

    Step five: reassure the public that I’d NEVER go out with wrinkled pants. Don’t fret.

  • Wednesday

    Just really feel like I should be in a coffee shop or at a poetry reading or something like that today. Today feels weird. Maybe it was the jumping out of bed because of an earthquake at 4:56am that shook me, literally. You know those days that just feel like something is off? Such a weird thing. Either way, happy Wednesday 🖤

  • Char

    Charly and I spent several hours at the lice treatment salon getting her all fixed up. I’m just praying that this is the absolute last time we have to deal with this disaster (it’s been a journey, trust me). Everything was looking up and then on the way home from Reese’s last volleyball game, someone smashed into the back of my car! I haven’t processed any of the mess that will come along with that. Instead, we made the little apple cinnamon balls from the recipe on the Chik-fil-A kids’ meal card (also, shoutout to CF for not giving us toys!). So, yeah. This is our day. Embracing my girl because she’s not going to be little for long. I mean, look at her!! She’s almost my size 🤷🏻‍♀️ I love her positivity and grace and all-around crazy spirit. I need to be more like Charly James. Minus the lice. But whatever.