• Yes, it’s okay to love things about yourself

    You know what I’m obsessed with right now?

    My hair! I love the texture and the color and the length and I’m LOVING it straight lately, which is not typical for me since I’m usually in the big hair crowd!

    Tell me though!!!! Have you ever taken a supplement to help it grow? I’m not selling you something, I’m GENUINELY asking if there is anything that helps because now that I’m officially out of the short-hair club, I want it LONGER AND LONGER (until I decide to have a freak out and chop it all off one day). But for now…what have you tried and found to be effective?
    Yes, it’s okay to love things about yourself—if you were wondering ✨

  • We are allowed to feel the things.

    Oh, hi. Just wanted to let you know that I’m not feeling it today. My brain is in a million different places. I am having the hardest time getting my crap together for a presentation I needed to share with students/leaders yesterday. Instead of rushing to send them a half-finished product, I’m sending them a video explaining how I’m feeling today because I know that they’ll understand. I know that all of you understand. And it’s okay. We are allowed to feel the things. Typing the words so that I remember to be okay on this moment.

  • A new chapter…

    Two weeks from today, all of the seats behind me will be filled with actual breathing human bodies. I’ve never taught this new class of mine in person. It’s about experience and awareness and self-care and growth mindset and that has been HARD to do through a screen. These freshmen have never been to high school and it’s April. I had no hope of a return this school year. The excitement and emotion is so high for me today. Teaching in person AND on Zoom at the same time is going to be interesting, to say the least, but so worth the figuring out of systems. This is surreal and fantastic and knowing that my people will be where they need to be—that I’ll be where I need to be with them and for them and for myself—it’s all so much. It truly feels like a new chapter. A new book. The “after,” if you will. 🖤