• First day of in-person Kindergarten!

    And first day of in-person Kindergarten for Jojo! It was very important that she have the puppies in the picture with her! Her new teacher emailed me and said that she’s so excited to have a Watson girl in her class. I immediately thought, “Oh, she’s nothing like the others!” 🤣 I truly didn’t think she would want to go back, but being home without Charly yesterday was hard on her and she was PUMPED this morning! I didn’t have that OMG-my-last-baby-is-finally-in-school sadness until this moment. Now I can’t stop thinking about how fast it all goes! Ahh. Love this baby so much! #joviemaxwell

  • Happy 15th birthday to my beautiful Reese London!

    Happy 15th birthday to my beautiful Reese London who has been giving me a run for my money every day of her life!

    Reese loves her family and friends like no other. This kid could live in coffee shops or on the water in her favorite place, Boise. Such an old soul and lover of all things spiritual and not easily understood by others—but exactly what we love so much about her!

    Reese has flourished in high school, despite the challenges of distance learning (though they don’t seem to be challenges to her.)

    My biggest hope is that Reese continues to embrace her most special qualities and recognizes how appreciated she is by the people around her.

    I also hope that she doesn’t drive any cars off of the side of a mountain this year #iykyk

  • Distance Learning & Dogs

    With two additional members to our family, Scout and Bruno, this is what distance learning looks like at the Watson House: Comfy clothes (jammies for Jojo because she’s the boss), warm afternoons, doggy food breaks, Zoom calls, potty breaks, play breaks, water breaks, pass out to sleep once again because the girls are holding them like babies all day long which makes putting them in their crate at the end of the night a little traumatic for us all (mostly the humans.) Oh, and the girls sneak in some additional Zoom/homework time at some point—I think? I should be better about checking 😬 We are a grateful bunch with healed hearts. Someday, I will tell you about my Hank dreams and the way I would feel when other dogs would come into my dreams after he passed. I’ll just tell you that it’s real. 🌈🌈🌈 and Scout and Bruno are just exactly what we needed 🌈🌈🌈 #boxersofinstagram #girlscoutandbruno #puppylove #allgirls #girlmom #newpuppy #newyearnewpuppy #2021goals #familytime #wedonothatedistancelearning

  • Xmas Eve!

    We are doing it cheer camp style this year and taping the doors (and Jojo’s bed) to be sure that no one wakes before their scheduled time. Kevin says 8am; I think they’ll be itching to come out closer to 6 or 7. Santa duties are fulfilled and everyone is snug in their beds. We are grateful for our home and the memories we are able to make in it. Merry Christmas Eve, friends 🎅🏼🖤🎄

  • Kevi

    Happy 41 to this Kevi, the most patient man on the planet. The only person who would ever put up with my shiz every day of his life for the last 16 years. I love you. What a life we’ve made. The most proud. But also the most grateful. We have the best family and friends and kids and house and you’re everything to everyone 🖤

  • Recital

    Recital night! We love watching our tiny (not actually tiny) dancer. One day Kevin will understand the need to be in ALLLLLLL the dances 🖤 I wore my red lips for the occasion 👄

  • Dinner

    We are eating dinner standing in front of the kitchen AC window unit. It’s very warm today. Give me all the salads. This one is: brown rice, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes (not in oil), artichoke, chili sauce, and a tiny bit of balsamic glaze. The best parts: only 5 dishes to wash (two bowls, two forks, and a knife) and it took me about 6 minutes to whip together! Not sure what the children are eating (pretty sure I just saw Jojo walk by with ice cream) so don’t get too excited about my homemaking skills.